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Below is a list of all projects grouped under the GPS coordinates of: -3.3869254, 36.6829927

Hepatitis B in Tanzania

Key Contact: Jose Debes

This project aims to understand the knowledge as well as social impact of hepatitis B infection in rural Africa. We run surveys to understand hepatitis B knowledge among health care providers as well as patients. We also evaluate the clinical progression of hepatitis B (to liver cancer and cirrhosis... learn more.

Prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium among obstetric fistula patients

Key Contact: Kristin Chrouser

Study of the prevalence of schistosoma haematobium among obstetric fistual patients and impact of infection on fistula characteristics and surgical outcomes.... learn more.

Sensitivity of lung ultrasound in children with radiographic pneumonia

Key Contact: Stephen Dunlop

Quality improvement initiative aiming at improving care in a resource-limited setting.... learn more.

UN Migration Agency Project

Key Contact: William Stauffer

We partner with the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) to build the Agency’s capacity to provide care for US-bound refugees. Around the world, IOM physicians, nurses, laboratorians and other healthcare professionals are relied upon to provide high quality and standardized care to US-bound refug... learn more.