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Below is a list of all projects grouped under the GPS coordinates of: -31.42008329999999, -64.18877609999998

Fatty liver and fibrosis during immune reconstitution of HIV-infected patients in Argentina

Key Contact: Jose Debes

Translational hepatology research located at Hospital Rawson, Hospital Privado, and Instituto de Virologica in Cordoba, Argentina.... learn more.

Hepatitis E infection in immunosuppressed hosts

Key Contact: Jose Debes

This project addresses risk factors for Hepatitis E infection in individuals with HIV, transplant recipients, patients on dialysis, etc. It also studies the role of hepatitis E in progression to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. It is performed in collaboration with Virology Institute of Cordoba, Hospit... learn more.

Hepatocellular carcinoma in South America

Key Contact: Jose Debes

This is a multinational project involving multiple countries in South America. The study aims to understand risk factors for liver cancer in the region. It also studies the effect of specific therapies for liver cancer and the role of region-specific infections and customary habits in the developmen... learn more.