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Acute vs Delayed Iron: Effect On Red Cell Iron Incorporation In Severe Malaria

Key Contact: Sarah Cusick

Approximately 1 million children < age 5 living in sub-Saharan Africa die from severe anemia annually. This severe anemia frequently results from coexisting iron deficiency and malaria infection, but the standard of care, concurrent iron therapy, and antimalarial treatment has proven ineffective at... learn more.

One Health Workforce

Key Contact: Katey Pelican, Jeff Bender

One Health Workforce: Government Led, University Driven, Network Supported Coordination and collaboration across all levels of the human and animal health sectors are essential to meet the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) vision for “a world safe and secure from global health threats posed ... learn more.

Vitamin D Status: Association with iron therapy effectiveness and risk of malaria infection

Key Contact: Sarah Cusick

In many regions, iron deficiency and malaria co-occur and afflict young children disproportionately. However, treatment of iron deficiency in children with malaria has proven ineffective at improving iron status and in some studies has worsened malaria (4-6), leaving millions of children at risk fo... learn more.

Uganda Hub

Key Contact: Katey Pelican, Paul Bohjanen, Innocent Rwego, David Meya

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (AHC) established the Uganda Hub in August 2015. The Hub is anchored by a strong collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Makerere University that has been growing since 2005. The Hub is guided by the Minnesota-Uganda Partnerships Group... learn more.

Operational Research for Cryptococcal Antigen Screening (ORCAS) of HIV Patients

Key Contact: David Boulware

This randomized clinical trial tests improved therapy for asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia.... learn more.

Optimizing iron status while minimizing morbidity in HIV-infected Ugandan children

Key Contact: Sarah Cusick

Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the effect of iron supplementation in moderately anemic HIV-infected children on iron status, gut microbiome and frequency of malaria and other episodes of infectious diseases.... learn more.

Uptake of and barriers to HPV vaccination among adolescent girls in rural Uganda

Key Contact: Nicole Basta

Pilot study collaboration between UMN School of Public Health and Makerere University's Child Health and Development to assess vaccine uptake.... learn more.

Reversing tissue fibrosis to improve immune reconstitution in HIV

Key Contact: Timothy Schacker

Clinical trial investigates antifibrotic therapy in relation to lymph node architecture and fibrosis in persons with and without HIV in Uganda, to assess their potential as HIV reservoirs.... learn more.

Phased implementation of cryptococcal screening in South Africa

Key Contact: David Boulware

This stepped-wedge randomized trial will roll out cryptococcal antigen screening nationwide in collaboration with the South African National Institute of Communicable Diseases and US CDC.... learn more.

HIV-associated mycardial fibrosis

Key Contact: Jason Baker

This pilot project investigates the interaction of HIV and cardiovascular disease in a cohort combining investigators in cardiac MRI with immunologic profiling. ... learn more.

Mfangano Community Health Field Station

Key Contact: Chas Salmen

The Mfangano Community Health Field Station is a community-rooted enterprise launched in collaboration between the University of Minnesota, Maseno University, and the Organic Health Response (OHR) of Mfangano Island in Kenya. We seek to advance community-based research, bilateral training opportu... learn more.

Clinical Research: Meningitis randomized clinical trials

Key Contact: David Boulware

Investigators from Minnesota and Uganda have a long-standing research collaboration to improve the outcomes of people living with HIV/AIDS afflicted with cryptococcal meningitis or TB meningitis. Since 2006, collaborative research has sought to innovate international treatment guidelines for care of... learn more.

Uganda Surgery Research Collaboration

Key Contact: Jennifer Rickard

Research to develop and maintain an operative database in Mulago referral Hospital.... learn more.