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One Health Workforce

Key Contact: Katey Pelican, Jeff Bender

One Health Workforce: Government Led, University Driven, Network Supported Coordination and collaboration across all levels of the human and animal health sectors are essential to meet the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) vision for “a world safe and secure from global health threats posed ... learn more.

Nursing Partnerships with University of Iceland

Key Contact: Dr. Teddie Potter and Dr. Judith Pechacek

The School of Nursing and University of Iceland faculty maintain joint research efforts, as well as engage in consulting on a range of research topics that include nurse midwifery, childhood obesity prevention, informatics, promoting healthy aging, mental health, and integrative health and healing. ... learn more.

University of Kufa Visiting Scholar

Key Contact: Martha Kubik

In the fall of 2013, the School of Nursing hosted Rajha Al Kassar, PhD, the newly appointed dean of the faculty of nursing at University of Kufa in Najaf, Iraq. She was joined by Assistant Dean Kareema Ahmed Hussein, PhD, and faculty member Kafi Naser, PhD. The School of Nursing has had a signed agr... learn more.

Uganda Hub

Key Contact: Katey Pelican, Paul Bohjanen, Innocent Rwego, David Meya

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (AHC) established the Uganda Hub in August 2015. The Hub is anchored by a strong collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Makerere University that has been growing since 2005. The Hub is guided by the Minnesota-Uganda Partnerships Group... learn more.

Thailand Hub

Key Contact: Erin Mann

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (AHC) launched the Thailand Hub in April 2016, building on joint education initiatives and collaborative research studies over the last 25 years. The Hub is anchored by strong collaborations between the University of Minnesota and universities in... learn more.

Factors associated with longevity in Guangxi, China

Key Contact: Fang Yu

This project is part of an initiative to forge new collaborative research efforts between the University of Minnesota and Guangxi CDC.... learn more.

Women’s Health Practicum in Brazil

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

January 2017, School of Nursing (SON) faculty will lead the second annual study abroad women’s health practicum in Salvador, Brazil. Students that participate in this study abroad practicum will receive 80 clinical hours credited toward the course they are enrolled in Spring 2017. These courses ar... learn more.

Primary Care Practicum in Guatemala

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

March 2017, School of Nursing faculty will lead a study abroad primary care practicum in Antigua and San Martin, Guatemala. Students who participate in this study abroad practicum will receive 60 clinical hours credited toward the course they are enrolled in Spring 2017. These courses are as follows... learn more.

Easing lifetime transitions with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

This international experience will focus on the use of cognitive behavioral therapies for use with people across the age span who have mental health concerns related to life transitions such as parenthood, aging, medical illness. Working with University of Iceland and University of Akureyri, nursing... learn more.

Uganda Research Training Collaborative

Key Contact: Joshua Rhein

The Uganda Research Training Collaborative (RTC) is a program for students in the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center and Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda to gain hands-on experience in global health research. Under the mentorship of UMN and Makerere faculty members, two student... learn more.

UN Migration Agency Project

Key Contact: William Stauffer

We partner with the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) to build the Agency’s capacity to provide care for US-bound refugees. Around the world, IOM physicians, nurses, laboratorians and other healthcare professionals are relied upon to provide high quality and standardized care to US-bound refug... learn more.

Afghan University Partnership

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

The University of Minnesota is partnered with Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS) to improve clinical, educational, professional and leadership skills for health sciences faculty in Kabul, Afghanistan. Funded by a sub-award grant from FHI 360, the project is part of the Afghanistan Universit... learn more.