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A mixed method study of caregiving for older adults in India Location: Jodhpur, India

Key Contact: Benjamin Capistrant

Activity Dates: January 2014 - December, 31 2015

Country(ies): India

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Activity Description

India is rapidly undergoing two simultaneous transitions: an epidemiologic transition to growing chronic disease burden and a demographic transition to an unprecedentedly large and growing aging population. Thus, in the coming decades, older adults in India will be living longer albeit with more morbidity and disability that requires care. In lower and middle-income countries, care for older persons nearly always falls to family members, overwhelmingly to women. However, because of other social and demographic factors, including declines in fertility, migration, and changes in household structure, this vital care for older adults is likely to fall on fewer shoulders. We do not yet understand the best ways to support family caregivers and enable them to continue providing necessary care for the aging population. This project will investigate the experience, demands, and tradeoffs of caregiving for other adult family members. In addition, this study will characterize opportunities to support caregivers, including the caregivers’ perceived unmet needs for informal and formal long-term care services to compliment or substitute for their caregiving duties. In particular, we have stratified the sample by perceived caregiving strain to be able to characterize the conditions that might differentiate higher strain from lower strain situations. Although this study will be focused on caregiving in the Indian context, the themes may be relevant other middle-income countries and settings.

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Academic Health Center Units

School of Public Health

Other Collaborators

Subharati Ghosh (TISS), Greta Friedemann-Sanchez (UMN-HHH), Arvind Mathur (ACMERI), Paul Kowal (WHO)

Partner Organizations

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Humphrey School of Public Affairs (UMN); Asian Center for Medical Education, Research and Innovation; World Health Organization


UMN Global Spotlight Program

Activity Topics

Culture, Health Care, Health Systems