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Assessing antiretroviral distribution in CNS reservoirs using IR-MALDEI

Key Contact: Melanie Nicol | Visit Activity Website

Activity Dates: Aug 2016 to present

Country(ies): Uganda

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Despite availability of highly active antiretroviral therapy that can suppress the plasma viral load of HIV infected patients, HIV remains a significant global burden. The inability to cure HIV has been attributed to the establishment of viral reservoirs, cell types or tissue compartments that are unaffected by antiretroviral therapy. Our long term goal is to localize and quantify antiretroviral distribution relative to latent and active viral reservoirs by combining IR-MALDESI MSI with immunohistochemistry techniques. The objective of the current research is to determine antiretroviral distribution in one potential viral reservoir (brain), and demonstrate proof of concept that post-mortem tissues can be with IR-MALDESI MSI technology to assess antiretroviral distribution.

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Academic Health Center Units

College of Pharmacy

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     Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (CGHSR)

Other Collaborators

Makerere University co-investigators are Robert Lukande from the Department of Pathology and David Meya from the Infectious Diseases Institute.

Partner Organizations

Makerere University


University of Minnesota AHC Global Health Seed Grant

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