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Clinical Research: Meningitis randomized clinical trials

Key Contact: David Boulware

Country(ies): Uganda

Contact Information

Activity Description

Investigators from Minnesota and Uganda have a long-standing research collaboration to improve the outcomes of people living with HIV/AIDS afflicted with cryptococcal meningitis or TB meningitis. Since 2006, collaborative research has sought to innovate international treatment guidelines for care of cryptococcosis through a series of in a series of ongoing randomized clinical trials in Kampala and Mbarara, Uganda. Ongoing clinical trials (2019-2024) include prevention of cryptococcal meningitis, treatment of cryptococcal meningitis, and treatment of TB meningitis.

Opportunities are available for well-motivated students and post-doctoral trainees who seek to change the world through long term research clinical and/or translational research experiences.

Activity Types

Education/Training, Research

Academic Health Center Units

Medical School
     Department of Medicine

Other Collaborators

Joshua Rhein, Radha Rajasingham, Mahsa Abassi, Sarah Lofgren, Caleb Skipper, Matt Pullen, Katelyn Pastick, Kirsten Nielsen, Kathy Hullsiek, Ananta Bangdiwala, Nicole Engen

Partner Organizations

Infectious Diseases Institute
Makerere University
Mbarara University of Science and Technology


NIH (4 studies)
R01 NS086312, R01NS110519, U01AI125003, R01 AI145437

Activity Topics

HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Neglected Tropical Diseses (NTD)

Special Tags

CGHSR Scholars, Fogarty Global Health Fellowship Site