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Germany Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

Key Contact: Jason Varin | Visit Activity Website

Country(ies): Germany

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Activity Description

Designed for students to learn about pharmacy practice in a different culture; learn firsthand about the German healthcare system and how it affects patient care; and also to learn about patient care in a different cultural context.

Each summer, students participate in the elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) “Comparative & International Perspectives in Pharmacy Patient Care” in Germany. Students begin the APPE in Velbert, a small city in western Germany. Over the next five weeks, students:

* travel throughout the country to visit many German officials to learn more about the country’s health care system
* spend time at the Adler Apotheke pharmacy and learn about herbs and compounding
* meet with high ranking German representatives of politics, insurance, regulatory affairs and universities
* share knowledge of pharmacy practice in the U.S. with German health professionals and students.

Students participating in the APPE also spend two days in Washington D.C. immediately prior to leaving for Germany. The trip to D.C. is intended to help the students better examine and compare the national health care and ph

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Health Systems, Policy