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Improving Eye Health in Patients with Cryptococcal Meningitis & Systemic CMV Infection

Key Contact: Sandra R. Montezuma

We propose a nested prospective cohort study within the existing cryptococcal meningitis clinical research program at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital. The study aims to characterize ophthalmic complications in this unique patient population and assess if eye findings, specifically cytomegalovirus... learn more.

Identifying opportunities to improve the effectiveness of rabies control programs

Key Contact: Kaylee M. Errecaborde

Our team will work with experts from universities in Thailand to gather existing data from the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, Department of Livestock Development (DLD), local government, private sector and non-profit organizations working to implement canine population control and vaccination p... learn more.

Seroprevalence of flaviviruses and risk factors for infection among long-term expatriates

Key Contact: Katie Anderson

This will be a cross-sectional study designed to collect demographic, clinical, and other risk factor data that may be related to risk of flavivirus infection among expatriates residing in Thailand or other countries in southeast Asia for at least a year. Blood specimens will be drawn from all enrol... learn more.

Doris Duke Fellowship Site in Family Medicine

Key Contact: Dr. Diego Garcia-Huidobro

Current research activities include "Development and evaluation of a parenting intervention to prevent illicit substances among Chilean youth" and "Needs assessment of family members receiving care in hospital units." Both of these projects aim to develop interventions that include the family as a u... learn more.

Dengue fever in Colombia: improving diagnosis

Key Contact: Dr. Jonathan Kirsch

This Doris Duke fellowship site will enable fellows to gain experience in the following clinical research activities: Chart review, clinical site visits, statistical analysis of data from charts and collaborative work to create new diagnostic criteria. Spanish language skills are a requirement for c... learn more.

Molecules to Behavior: exploration of the possible role of autophagy in depression

Key Contact: Dr. Grant Anderson

"Molecules to behavior: exploration of the possible role of autophagy in depression and as a novel target for antidepressant drugs" from the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation. We are assessing the impact of the cellular process called autophagy on protection from affective disorders... learn more.

Mfangano Community Health Field Station

Key Contact: Chas Salmen

Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya is home to the Mfangano Community Health Field Station, a collaboration between UMN and the Organic Health Response, a local community based organization (CBO). The field station is headquartered out of the Ekialo Kiona Center, a solar-powered community center l... learn more.

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