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Nursing Partnerships with University of Iceland

Key Contact: Dr. Teddie Potter and Dr. Judith Pechacek

The School of Nursing and University of Iceland faculty maintain joint research efforts, as well as engage in consulting on a range of research topics that include nurse midwifery, childhood obesity prevention, informatics, promoting healthy aging, mental health, and integrative health and healing. ... learn more.

Accountability and quality of health service delivery in Jordan

Key Contact: Cari Clark

The objective of the study is to generate and disseminate knowledge on the relationship between accountability and quality of health service delivery to inform the Government of Jordan on potential policy options to further strengthen service delivery in the health sector. Specifically, the study ai... learn more.

Change Starts At Home: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls in Nepal

Key Contact: Cari Clark

The Change program will use innovative media and group discussions for couples and their families, skill-building workshops and training for religious leaders to reduce violence against women and girls. The project impact evaluation (a two-armed RCT) feeds into the short- and long-term goals of the ... learn more.

Building Better Support for Survivors: Gender Based Violence Among Syrian Refugees

Key Contact: Cari Clark

The current study examines the extent of conflict-related GBV with a special emphasis on sexual GBV among women displaced by the Syrian conflict living in South Lebanon and Northern Jordan and the scope, quality, and effectiveness of the response to GBV among key stakeholders and female survivors of... learn more.

Vitamin D Status: Association with iron therapy effectiveness and risk of malaria infection

Key Contact: Sarah Cusick

In many regions, iron deficiency and malaria co-occur and afflict young children disproportionately. However, treatment of iron deficiency in children with malaria has proven ineffective at improving iron status and in some studies has worsened malaria (4-6), leaving millions of children at risk fo... learn more.

India: Global Health Placement

Key Contact: Shailey Prasad

Participate in a 4-week project related to public health, health care delivery and/or other community activities in Mysore, India. Course faculty will survey participants and match with available projects.... learn more.

India: Global Health, Globalization and Leadership Course

Key Contact: Shailey Prasad

This course will provide a global health learning experience with field observations in Mysore, India. Participants will learn about health and health care delivery in the context of globalization in India. The course is designed to convey the significance of the social determinants of health in a g... learn more.

Uganda Hub

Key Contact: Katey Pelican, Paul Bohjanen, Innocent Rwego, David Meya

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (AHC) established the Uganda Hub in August 2015. The Hub is anchored by a strong collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Makerere University that has been growing since 2005. The Hub is guided by the Minnesota-Uganda Partnerships Group... learn more.

Global Health Day

Key Contact: Amy Scheller

Global Health Day provides an opportunity for those engaged in global health around the University to come together, exchange knowledge across disciplines, and make connections. Global Health Day include a presentation and student Poster Session. ... learn more.

Advancement of Bubble CPAP for Use in Children in Low Resource Settings: A Study of Safety

Key Contact: Ashley Bjorklund

Clinical trial evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a modified bubble CPAP device in children with respiratory distress age 1 month to 5 years. The device is constructed from low cost, easy to find materials. Typically bubble CPAP has only been used in neonates, so this device has a modified n... learn more.

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