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Global Health Day

Key Contact: Debra Olson

Global Health Day provides an opportunity for those engaged in global health around the University to come together, exchange knowledge across disciplines, and make connections. Global Health Day include a presentation, Poster Session, and Photo Contest. ... learn more.

Advancement of Bubble CPAP for Use in Children in Low Resource Settings: A Study of Safety

Key Contact: Ashley Bjorklund

Clinical trial evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a modified bubble CPAP device in children with respiratory distress age 1 month to 5 years. The device is constructed from low cost, easy to find materials. Typically bubble CPAP has only been used in neonates, so this device has a modified n... learn more.

Dental Therapy Education in Rwanda

Key Contact: Karl Self

Collaboration with Harvard University to integrate Dental Therapy Education in Rwanda schools of dentistry.... learn more.

Thailand Hub

Key Contact: Karin Hamilton

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (AHC) launched the Thailand Hub in April 2016, building on joint education initiatives and collaborative research studies over the last 25 years. The Hub is anchored by strong collaborations between the University of Minnesota and universities in... learn more.

Applied Research in Urban and Rural Health

Key Contact: Ben Capistrant

This four-week program will introduce students to the social determinants of health that drive individuals’ health and health care system responses in India. Students will participate in small group learning, a shadowed research experience with close mentorship, and experience health systems in ru... learn more.

Galapagos Islands Biodiversity

Key Contact: Julie Ponder

To protect and restore rare and endangered plants and animals through removal of invasive species (Invasive rodent eradication, protection of biodiversity, ecological restoration)... learn more.

Leman China Swine Conference

Key Contact: Frank Liu, Bob Morrison

In 2012, the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine organized the first Leman Swine Conference in Xi'an, China. The Conference presented the latest developments on swine research and production, disease surveillance and control, integration of production and public health, and their ... learn more.

Dairy Conference- China

Key Contact: Frank Liu

The University of Minnesota China Dairy Conference (UMCDC) is organized by the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota. The Conference has drawn big crowd and received success in the past two years. With its strong dairy team, CVM is reputable for its national and international dairy... learn more.

Sensitivity of lung ultrasound in Ugandan children with radiographic pneumonia

Key Contact: Nathan Meuser-Herr

BACKGROUND: Prompt recognition and treatment of pneumonia is crucial, as the case-fatality rate in untreated children is high, often exceeding 20%. However, the complications of integrated management of pneumonia with often co-existing malaria, malnutrition and diarrheal illnesses impact the sensit... learn more.

Operational Research for Cryptococcal Antigen Screening (ORCAS) of HIV Patients

Key Contact: David Boulware

This randomized clinical trial tests improved therapy for asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia.... learn more.

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