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Women’s Health Practicum in Brazil

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

January 2017, School of Nursing (SON) faculty will lead the second annual study abroad women’s health practicum in Salvador, Brazil. Students that participate in this study abroad practicum will receive 80 clinical hours credited toward the course they are enrolled in Spring 2017. These courses ar... learn more.

Primary Care Practicum in Guatemala

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

March 2017, School of Nursing faculty will lead a study abroad primary care practicum in Antigua and San Martin, Guatemala. Students who participate in this study abroad practicum will receive 60 clinical hours credited toward the course they are enrolled in Spring 2017. These courses are as follows... learn more.

Easing lifetime transitions with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Key Contact: Carolyn Porta

This international experience will focus on the use of cognitive behavioral therapies for use with people across the age span who have mental health concerns related to life transitions such as parenthood, aging, medical illness. Working with University of Iceland and University of Akureyri, nursing... learn more.

Course: Global Health in a Local Context

Key Contact: CGHSR

This course immerses students in the study of health equity, the social determinants of health, global health in a local setting, and community-based healthcare. The course curriculum is modeled on the highly successful and dynamic SocMed curriculum currently utilized annually in Uganda and Haiti, w... learn more.

Uganda Research Training Collaborative

Key Contact: Molly McCoy

The Uganda Research Training Collaborative (RTC) is a program for students in the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center and Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda to gain hands-on experience in global health research. Under the mentorship of UMN and Makerere faculty members, two student... learn more.

International Researcher Series

Key Contact: Molly McCoy

This seminar series highlights best practices in planning and implementing global health research studies.... learn more.

AHC Global Health Seed Grants: Research in Guangxi, China

Key Contact: CGHSR

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (CGHSR) of the University of Minnesota and the Guangxi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Guangxi CDC), Nanning, China request proposals for new research projects based in Guangxi, China, where the Academic Health Center (AHC) has starte... learn more.

US Thai Consortium

Key Contact: Julie Johnson

The US-Thai Consortium for the Development of Pharmacy Education in Thailand was founded in May 1994 when nine schools of pharmacy from the United States and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with eight schools of pharmacy in Thailand and ... learn more.

Surgical Care at Ruth Gaylord Hospital

Key Contact: Greg Beilman, MD; Jeff Chipman, MD

A team visits Ruth Gaylord Hospital in Kampala, Uganda twice annually to provide free surgical care to local patients in partnership with staff at the hospital.... learn more.

Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program

Key Contact: Jennifer Rickard, MD, MPH

The Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program is a consortium of over 20 US institutions that send physicians, nurses, midwives, health managers and dentists to Rwanda to build up the local health care education sector. US faculty “twin” with local counterparts to build up educational capacity. ... learn more.

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